Dharmapur İnziva ve Arınma Merkezi

Dharmapur İnziva ve Arınma Merkezi

Silence Retreat

A Vipassana Interpretation

(Türkçe açıklama aşağıda)

Vipassana meditation and seclusion, the practice of seeing anything present, and observing without judgment or criticism, is a very precious gift that Buddha left to humanity.

The calm nature of Dharmapur, which surprises with different beauties every day, its cats and dogs, the stream and trees that flow through it, will welcome us exactly as how it should be.

In our retreat, we will be practicing a regular flow, constant – active meditations, breath and body work (qigong, joint yoga) for 9 days. In addition, every day, a narrative on the working principles of the mind and the nervous system, as well as the life of Buddha, his journey to enlightenment and the teachings he left will be given, so that we can focus our minds in the direction we want. Sufism and Mevlânâ will also help us with their poems and shed light on them.

For 9 days, we will live in the most appropriate way to our essence, rest and purify, and on the last day, we will open our silence fast and share our experiences.

The Silence Retreat is made with the contribution whivh everyone determines by taking into account their own experience, the feeling of gratitude, the economy and the intention of the silence retreats to continue. You can contact us for accommodation.
Talking, any electronic device, reading, music (playing or listening), eye or physical contact, writing, painting, coffee

The event is finished.

Yerel Saat

  • Saat Dilimi: Europe/Istanbul
  • Tarih: 03 - 17 Şub 2023
  • Saat: Tüm Gün Etkinliği
Dharmapur İnziva Merkezi


Dharmapur İnziva Merkezi
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